Saturday, May 3, 2008

Elton's Profile

Foster Dog Name: ELTON

Physical Appearance:
Approximate Age: 5-6
Sex: Male
Breed Type: English setter
Color: Orange & white
Size: Large
Weight: 70 lbs

High/Low Maintenance: Very clingy
Temperament: Sweet and loving
Energy Level: Med-high for a big boy - he sure can move!!
Lap/Velcro Dog or Independent/ Loner: Velcro dog-wants to be lap dog- regardless of his size
Riding in Car: Lives for it!! Paces around the garage wanting in the truck!
Playful with toys? No
Birdiness: Somewhat

Adults (Males-Females) in home: Great
Little Kids: Great
Meeting Visitors/Strangers: Wants to go home with everyone!
Other Dogs: Great
Playfulness with other dogs: Sometimes
Behavior around Cats: Doesn’t care
Barking: Rarely
Behavior Inside House: Lays around, follows you everywhere
Behavior Outside in the Yard: Stays within 20 feet off leash, loves to sniff and hunt
Behavior Away from Home (pet store, dog parks, etc): Everyone’s buddy!!

Commands: Sit, down, stay
Potential as Hunting Companion: Not a serious hunter
Agility: No
Housebreaking: Yes
Crate Training: Yes, but he doesn’t like being crated
Leash Walking: Yes
Off-Leash/Recall: Good

Appetite: Great
General Health: He’s still spitting up some water after drinking
Ongoing Medication/Maintenance needed: Hip and joint supplements

Foster Parent Evaluation of the dog
Special Qualities: A big cuddly teddy bear. Super friendly and very loveable
Type of Family/Home for best placement: Needs constant attention. He would be very unhappy in a crate for hours at a time. Good with kids
Special Requirements/Needs: Still needs continued chiropractic care
Fence Requirements: Not a fence jumper, does fine with 4 foot fence height

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